8 Stages of Website Development – A Complete Guide


Speaking of various internet channels, a website development is a backbone. A website can even serve as the company profile.

What can be more advantageous to your business than having its profile made available on the World Wide Web? Social media accounts, blogs or private messenger accounts, they simply become more reliable and interesting when linked to a website.

Web development, as the name indicates is the process involved in creating a website, either for the World Wide Web or for a private network (the intranet).

Intranet websites are however not preferred or advised for business pages. Web development can be as easy as developing a single static page with some plain text. Anyhow, such pages are vague now as there are millions of high-tech, easy on the eyes and fully functional websites.

Web development Canada presently finds scope in web applications &services, eCommerce websites, social networking, electronic business, Gaming, live broadcasts, etc.

Web site development is a collective term for web content development, web design and website creation that further includes client-side scripting, server-side scripting, network security configuration etc.

Generally, large custom web development Toronto follow some standards like Agile methodologies and strategic approaches. prince2 is another set of methodologies that are commonly followed for increased success rates.

Top Website Development Services

Strategic approaches lead to faster custom web development with less possibility to err. Web development is never a one-man show, it is combined efforts of many professionals put together.

Only a professional approach can lead to a fully productive and functional website. There is no room for poorly designed, structured and complicated to use websites.

Forget about the visitors, visiting your website, chances are that the search engines may not even display them. Least nowhere find-able.

Being one amongst the top-rated Custom web development company in Calgary we are always up to date with the modern approaches.

We keep researching and upgrading yourself and we do not really abide by the standards. We keep improvising we thrive for more.

Our professionalism and support team are always praised about. We blend in the unique designs and latest technologies to create an appreciable digital presence.

Since 2013 we have been framing and shaping digital occupancies for both corporates and individuals. Not only we provide websites, but we also provide you with CMS through which you can update your website contents effortlessly.

Apart from providing great looking websites, our high-tech coding makes it flexible, if there is anything you happen to dislike, it can be mended anytime.

In addition to features like easy navigation, frequent updates, unique quality contents, etc. we also provide technical support and assistance.

We totally take the credibility and responsibility of the websites that we develop. You could rely on us.

We have an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced professionals including designers, both front end and back end developers, networks and hosting specialists, digital marketing experts, and project managers.

AJAX, server-side scripting, PHP frameworks, database creation and handling, graphics, search engine optimization, hosting and what not, we have a professional whose excel in each of the fields. They put their bests to create better websites that can attract more clients.

We provide custom development along with landing page, CMS website, and eCommerce if required.

Our websites are all responsive, they can adapt to all the devices without losing the look or feel. If you are looking for a custom website development company in Calgary with a complete range of web solutions we are the ultimate choice.

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