Common Driving Rules That People Need To Stop Breaking

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Nowadays, a car is regarded as a convenient vehicle to most people as it offers a comfortable and easy ride. Though it would prove to be beneficial, dangers and risks are at some point high.  This is why a careful step and awareness to rules and regulations must be highly observed. More often than not, drivers overlook and disregard the rules and regulations that are meant to be abided by them. Generally, this kind of behavior does not only apply to drivers but to the general public as well.

As to making undesirable behaviors, a famous saying has been formed which goes this way: “Rules Are Meant to Be Broken”. This idea has been developed due to the frequent neglection that people shows towards the rules. Though this is at some point true, the mere idea should not be supported and should be stopped. Rules are created for the sake of the individual’s welfare, the society, and to the nation as well. Rules, in other words, are safety measures. These build a thick line between safety and danger. When overlooked, these thick lines would fade and danger is somehow inevitable.

Basically, those who have taken up a driver’s examination and have acquired a driver’s license ought to be aware of the rules. They probably knew how to follow it then. The thing is, abiding those rules doesn’t just end up there but rather following it in the actual driving booking software is the most important.  Ironically, the most common rules in driving are the ones that are most neglected. Some of these include the following:

Remember to Buckle Up

Practically, almost all of the people have been informed about this rule even to those who aren’t drivers.  Though it is broadly publicized, a lot of drivers and passengers ignore this kind of safety measure. A lot of experiments have been conducted that shows how seat belts can save a lot of people. It is already known that seatbelts can help protect the lives of the people if ever an accident will occur. If something like a crash would happen, those that are not wearing a seat belt might be hovering all over the car that can be a danger not just to that person but to the other passengers in the car as well. For this reason, a lot of nations have encouraged drivers to always buckle up their seatbelts. The government also strictly demands that passengers should, too, wear a seat belt and that children below the age of 4 should be placed in a government permitted seat ( a seat that is fastened to the vehicle through either a belt or a universal anchorage system). These so-called safety restraint seats comes with a variety of selections that varies to the height and weight a child holds. This is why you should see the manufacturer’s suggestion first regarding the capability of the seat before buying one.

Other than the seatbelts, airbags can also prove to be helpful in times of accidents. They are meant to match up with seatbelts though other than being a substitute for them. During a crash, the impact brought by the collision can greatly affect those that are in the front seat. Air bags are bound to lessen that impact by offering a cushion that would serve as a protector to prevent the people to bump with the windshield, steering wheel, etc. These airbags are released in the steering wheel or dashboards that when sitting so close to it, one can be injured due to the high pressure it releases. That is why it is suggested that one should stop about 10 inches away from it.

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Do Not Go Into Speed Limits

Drivers, sometimes ignore to follow the suggested maximum speed. This is of course, because of some reasons but the most common cause is either one is in a real hurry or someone is just trying to show off. Driving at such a high speed can not only lead you to danger but to other people as well.  To prevent this, one should allow an adequate amount of time of travel to the destination so that there wouldn’t be any need of hurry. When you are late, do not let the anxiousness get to you. Relax and call the upper rank about your current position and condition.

Refrain from Any Distraction

Driving requires a full attention especially when you are driving in urban areas or in cities where a lot of vehicles and obstacles should be avoided. Any other distraction can lead you to harm and danger as you cannot seem to avoid road obstacles while being distracted. It is approximated that thousands of people per day have been accounted for the involvement of a car accident.  Based on some studies, the probability and chances of an accident or a car crash are increased for about 23 times higher when one is driving while distracted. The major cause of the distractions in driving is the use of a phone. Calling and texting the phone is by no means can get you unfocused on the road. On some countries or states such as New York, the use of any electronic device while driving is prohibited. Upon the violation of this rule, one should abide by the penalties demanded by the said violation.

Other than the use of phones, there are also other factors that can contribute to you being distracted while driving. Factors such as talking, putting make-up, eating and drinking, reading (a map, a book, a newspaper, etc.), changing clothes,taking something that fell on the floor, etc. These are the things that you should keep in mind to avoid while driving. If it is really necessary, have someone to accompany you and ask them to do those things that are meant to be accomplished by them or if you want, you can just pull over and stop for you to do these things.

One other distraction is that when you are tired and sleepy, you can be unfocused to the road. If traveling to long distances, always have a company so that if tired, you can have that person to replace you.

Do Not Take Illegal Movements

There are really naive and carefree drivers who do not seem to care if they follow the road rules or not. They look like they take pleasure in disregarding rules such as by taking U-turns that is illegal and are not permitted by the law, persist to drive even if there are stop signs, not yielding to other drivers, etc. It is either they enjoy what they are doing or they just have no choice but to ignore the rules because they are somehow in a rush and have no time for it.

Refrain From Being Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages

This is also one of the broadly publicized warning and rules in driving that is also widely ignored. One should not be under the influence of drugs and alcoholic beverages while driving. It cannot just endanger your life but as well as the lives of the others. Some studies concluded that in every 2 minutes, car accidents resulted to drivers who drink alcoholic beverages and those who have taken up drugs occur and have inflicted some serious damage to others. Though it is evident how drugs and alcoholic beverages can endanger the health and lives of the society, there are just some who seem to unnoticed it just like the way how they disregard the rules.


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