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How To Help your Newborn Sleep Peacefully and Safely

How To Help your Newborn Sleep Peacefully and Safely

Choosing the right newborn baby sleepsuits for your precious one can be an extra special time as you get excited about all the fabulous things ahead of you. However it’s important to keep in mind that style and comfort is just one part of the picture, safety in these early months is paramount.

Organic Babygrows for Newborns

Promote Healthy Sleep Cycles

On average, newborns sleep a total of 16 to 17 hours daily during the first few weeks after they are born. Your baby won’t take all her sleep in one long stretch, even at night. At first she’ll need to wake up for feeds. From when she’s newborn to when she’s around three months old, your baby will sleep in sleep-wake cycles through the day, with longer spells at night.

The length of these sleep cycles depends on your baby. She will probably sleep for blocks of about two hours in the day, and four hours to six hours at night. Some babies sleep through the night within weeks, while others take a year or more to achieve this. Just like you, your baby goes through cycles of different types of sleep, from drowsiness to light sleep, then deep sleep followed by dream sleep (rapid eye movement sleep or REM). She’ll come back up again through deep sleep and light sleep to the surface, before drifting off again.

Between light sleep and deep sleep is a stage called quiet sleep (non-rapid eye movement or NREM), during which dreams can also happen. In older children nightmares and sleepwalking often occur in quiet sleep. Though this quiet, non-dream sleep is well formed in newborns, it occurs in shorter bursts than it does in adults.

Your newborn baby will move through this sleep cycle about five times a night. Their sleep cycle is between 50 minutes and an hour long. This will probably increase once she’s three months to the adult amount of one hour and 30 minutes. These cycles are essential for the child’s brain development when sleeping. We all know that being a new parent is tough to say the least and the last thing you want to do is interrupt that extraordinary nap time! Making sure your little one is comfortable and secure and wearing the right type of baby sleepsuits can work wonders.

Help your Newborn Sleep Peacefully and Safely

Opt for Organic Baby Sleepsuits

When deciding on sleepsuits for babies, always remember that less is so much more! You have probably put a lot of thought and investment into your baby’s wardrobe before he or she arrived into this world. However, we have to be practical and realize that more simple outfits are necessary, not to mention easier, for your newborn’s first few months of life. You have plenty of time to upgrade the fashion style later on ;-)

Simple, Organic baby sleepsuits, babygrows and bodies are really practical for newborns. Help minimize risk during their sleeping hours by dressing them in simple, breathable clothing. Baby sleepsuits with hoods that can potentially cover a child’s face, or items with bows and laces are certainly not recommended. Simple Organic cotton baby clothes are an excellent choice as it allows your baby to snuggle and sleep tight wrapped in the super soft natural material. Not to mention the considerable benefits that organic cotton offers for such sensitive delicate skin!

Add Essential Baby Accessories

Newborn hats will keep your baby warm, especially if it is winter. For the first few weeks of life, newborns can lose a lot of heat through their heads, so it can be a good idea to keep them covered when out and about.

Baby socks are also really useful for your little angel, especially if your sleepsuits does not have built in footies. This add-on can help regulate your baby’s body temperature and make sleeping more comfortable.

Of course, do not forget those teeny weeny mittens. Newborns have fairly sharp fingernails, and if left uncovered, those tiny razors can easily scratch your baby’s soft skin, especially the face!

Things to Keep Away From

There are so many things that can pose a hazard to newborns. Here are a few simple tips to minimize any risk.

Toys. The time for play and sleeping are two very different things. So, avoid putting toys in your child’s crib or sleeping area as they can cause choking. Always keep safety in mind first.

Separate Blanket. Do not cover your newborn with a loose blanket because this can accidentally rise up and cover their nose and cause choking. Newborn swaddle bags would be a far safer option.

Layers of Clothing. Unnecessary layers are not advisable at all. Your newborn will feel enough warmth from the organic cotton baby sleepsuits he or she is already wearing. Those extra layers will only make your child irritable which can prevent them from getting that all important sleep.

Electric Blankets. Never use these blankets to warm your baby up, not even during cold weather. Electric blankets may cause burning.

Hot Water Bottles. Hot water bottles are hazards as they might cause burning and can be a choking hazard for your newborn. There are far more effective ways to warm your child beside hot water bottles, that’s for sure!


Newborns need plenty of time to sleep. As parents, we can take a number of steps to help them sleep comfortably and safely during this vital stage in their mental development and also their physical and emotional well-being. Choosing the right sleepsuits for your baby and keeping the sleeping area cozy and safe is a great place to start. Here at Tilly & Jasper we are proud to offer you a wide array of comfortable children’s sleepsuits and babygrows from the UK’s leading organic brands. Be sure to let us know which your favorite is!



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Snowsuit- Nordic Forest – Organic Cotton Clothing

Snowsuit- Nordic Forest – Organic Cotton Clothing

Glide under the stars with our Nordic swans. Our signature snowsuit, perfect for keeping cosy in Winter. Our hugely popular Snowsuits are fully lined with organic baby grows cotton sherpa. Super snug and cosy with beautiful, unique prints.

Why we love it:

  • Comes with fold over mitts to keep hands warm
  • Designed for cold days
  • Unisex
  • Fully lined in organic baby clothes online
  • Made from the best quality 100% organic Fairtrade cotton
  • Machine washable
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Baby Clothes Sale

Baby Clothes Sale

So now the new grandbaby is actually here, I can stop wistfully staring at newborn sleepsuits and other baby clothes online and buy something for real!  He’s a boy so I don’t have to just look at unisex baby grows now, I can look at the baby boy clothes too.

Baby Clothes Sale

As you’d expect there’s a particularly good baby clothes sale on here at Tilly and Jasper! But to be honest most of the good sites out there have a bit of a clear-out at this time of year to make room for their autumn ranges.

This lovely Kite Flamingo organic cotton romper is available with £5 off and it’s one of my favourites. It’s a gorgeous warm yellow colour with a very striking flamingo print.

Kite Flamingo organic cotton romper

There’s £5 off this Seagull Print T-Shirt too!  It’s made from 100% GOTS certified cotton and is super-soft. But take a look at these incredibly cute baby boy leggings tell me they’re not adorable. How cute is that little chick motif! Great for boys and girls alike, I’ll be getting a pair for sure!

Seagull Print T-Shirt

If you’re looking for baby girl clothes and you’re not one for frills and flounces, then I think you’ll love this summery stripy dress. This Mutli Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress comes in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and is a really easy-wear piece. I reckon they should do a Mum version of this one as it would be incredibly popular.

Mutli Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

And what’s not to love about this Stripy Sunflower T-Shirt. The applique sunflower is soft to the touch, simple and super-cheerful. As with all Tilly and Jasper baby clothes, it’s machine washable and brilliant for tots with sensitive skin.

Stripy Sunflower T-Shirt

There’s up to 50% off in the Tilly and Jasper kids clothes sale but you’ll need to get a move on as we’re selling out fast!


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