The Beginners Guide To Golf Handicaps Explained

How To Get A Golf Handicap Australia

Are you wondering what handicap means in golf? The. You have arrived at the right page. We are going to help you know everything that you need to know about golf handicaps and even help you know how to calculate them. All you have to do is stick with us to the end.

Let’s begin! First and foremost you need to know what a golf handicap is and what it does.

What is a Golf Handicap?

A how to get a golf handicap Australia you can say is a numerical value that is used to measure the ability of a golfer, especially an amateur golf player’s ability to play golf. It is simply the potential of a person to play golf. A golf handicap value is calculated by calculating the player’s average number of scores that are scored in each round against the average of their playing partners.

The higher your golf handicap value is the more you are given the number of shots to play your round against your golf partners. A golf handicap is a numerical value that is used to measure your ability to play golf. So as a golfer, you should always aspire to reduce your golf handicap value. The less it is, the better player you are.

Now that you know what a golf handicap is, let’s get to know how this system works.

How does a golf Handicap work?

The golf handicap system varies from country to country. It is different in different countries around the globe. The World Handicap System that is used in Australia since 2020 is recognised and used globally. This system used in Australia is used to calculate the handicap value for their golf playing ability for every player via cards that are entered into the Golflink system. And this Golflink system is affiliated with different golf clubs in the country.

This golf handicap system has made it possible for golfers to compare their golf scores, making it easier to compare their performance with their fellow partners.

How to get a golf handicap, Australia?

Golf Handicap, Australia - Emajin Golf

To get a golf handicap in Australia you must enroll yourself as a member of golf clubs that are affiliated with Golf Australia. Once you have enrolled yourself with Golf Australia, you need to submit all your golf handicap scores to the club. The scores should be either an 18 hole round or a 9 hole round or a combination equivalent to these. 

You can submit your scores via the following options:

  • Email 
  • Post 

Make sure that teg scorecards you mail are signed by you and always prefer sending a scanned copy. You have to send it to the email address or postal address of the golf club that you wish to join.


The golf Australia club will provide you with a Golf Handicaps number that you will need for golf competitions throughout Australia. Usually, the Golflink number is provided within 24  hours of joining.

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